Media Release
Minister of Education Donald Grant
Western Cape

12 May, 2011

Western Cape exceeds its matric pass target

Statement by Minister Donald Grant, Minister of Education, Western Cape

I am delighted to announce that the Western Cape has exceeded its target of 36 000 passes for the 2010 NSC examinations.

This target was originally set in November 2009, when the government released its strategic plan for education, with the view to ensure that we increase the number of learners exiting the system with a National Senior Certificate.

In the 2010 NSC we narrowly missed this target by 861 by achieving 35 139 passes.

We were, however, confident that after the remarking process and the supplementary examinations that we would meet or exceed the 36 000 pass target.

After the 2010 remarking process an additional 143 candidates achieved improved results - resulting in passing the NSC.

I am now proud to announce that in the 2010 Supplementary exams, 843 additional learners have now achieved their NSC.

Therefore we have exceeded our target for 2010 with 36 125 passes.

We have always stated that the number of passes in the NSC is arguably more important than the percentage pass rate as is it as a far more accurate reflection of the health of the system.

It reflects that more learners are being retained within the system and are passing the NSC then ever before.

This is an impressive achievement and I would like to congratulate each and every candidate who achieved a pass.

We are confident that this increase is sustainable and is reflective of an overall improvement in the state of education in the Western Cape.

It also reveals that the targeted Grade 12 strategies we adopted in 2010 to improve the matric pass rate have made an impact. We have continued to maintain these strategies this year with the view to achieve even better results in 2011.

There are 157 days to go before the 2011 NSC and I would like to encourage all of the Western Cape to build on this momentum by backing and supporting the Class of 2011.

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