Media Release
Minister of Education Donald Grant
Western Cape

19 April, 2011

Minister Grant condemns disruption at school

Statement by Minister Donald Grant, Minister of Education, Western Cape

Minister Grant condemns the disruption of teaching and learning at Masibambisane Secondary School.

This follows two days of disruptions at the school by a small group of learners whose actions are allegedly politically motivated.

It has been reported that two learners, yesterday, requested that learners be addressed by a political party, at the school, during school time. This request was quite correctly turned down by the principal and the department, as it violates a provision of the Western Cape Provincial School Education Act (46B) which prohibits all forms of party political activity during school time.

The learners susbsequently are reported to have attempted to interfere with teaching and learning at the school and were therefore suspended pending a disciplinary hearing later this week.

The school has been closed as a precautionary measure and it is regrettable that learning at the school has been so severely disrupted.

There is never any excuse for disrupting teaching and learning as the school, and the WCED, will always listen to legitimate concerns and complaints that are addressed to them in an appropriate and respectful manner.

It is our intention that the school re-opens tomorrow, and that we normalize the situation as soon as possible.

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