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10 October, 2002

Table View – request for new high school

Statement by André Gaum, Western Cape Education Minister

My department has a budget of R39 million a year with which to build schools. This means that approximately 4 - 5 schools are built a year.

The WCED has a priority list of communities that need schools. The priority list of approximately 6 communities is identified every year and signed off by the Minister of Education. This priority list is compiled according to the communities that have the greatest need. Greatest need is determined by factors such as: how many schools are found in the area, if any? How fast the area is growing etc.

The waiting list, from which the priority list is drawn, contains 67 communities in need of schools. The Tableview community is on this list.

The waiting list is not listed in order of priority. Every year all the communities on the waiting list are reviewed. This effectively means that the situation in Table View will be reviewed in April next year (2003).

A number of public discussions have already been held in the Table View area. We agree that it is a rapidly growing area and that a school may be needed. However, due to budgetary constraints the needs of the current priority list are placed first.

We are currently, together with the Department of Public Works are looking into an additional school building programme. Land that is zoned for educational purposes, but not currently used for these purposes will be sold and my department will be enabled to use the money for the building of more schools.

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