1. The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) has prepared the booklets, Transition from Grade 9 to Grade 10: Tips for Success, for each of the Western Cape’s Grade 9 learners to assist them with their subject choices for Grade 10. The booklet provides study tips, examination tips, tips for success, tips on goal-setting and other useful information.
2. The booklets will be delivered by district officials to all ordinary public schools with Grade 9 learners.
3. The booklets should be presented to each Grade 9 learner as soon as they are received.
4. Should the number of booklets delivered to the school be incorrect, please contact your district office. Excess booklets must be returned to the district office.
5. In order for these booklets to have the desired effect of assisting learners with their subject choices and examination preparations, it is strongly recommended that teachers mediate the content of the booklet with their Grade 9 classes and encourage learners to read and use it.
6. Principals are kindly requested to bring the content of this minute to the attention of all members of staff.

DATE: 2018:01:09