1. A Career Awareness Week is planned for 9 to 13 October 2017 to strengthen the ability of learners to make informed decisions about their future careers. This is an opportunity for Life Orientation teachers to complete the World of Work section of their curriculum.
2. The target group is Senior Phase learners. The purpose of the Career Awareness Week is to make learners in Grades 7 to 9 aware of the importance of selecting the correct subjects in Grade 10. During this week schools are encouraged to focus on activities that will guide learners to make informed decisions about their future career pathways. This should include a discussion on goal-setting.
3. All schools will receive the career guidance brochures which includes the Career Research Activity. Life Orientation teachers are requested to administer the career research activity with Grade 7-9 learners and consult their parents using the Career Awareness Week brochures.
4. Life Orientation teachers are encouraged to plan activities for this week that will focus on the world of work. In some instances work given to learners on the World of Work during the course of the year could culminate during this week.
5. Grade 7

Grade 7 learners could focus on a week-long project, which includes the completion of the Career Research Activity that would culminate in a Career Dress-up Day. This means that in this engagement with their future careers, learners will come to school dressed up to represent their future careers. This activity should take place during Life Orientation periods. See Annexure A for more ideas.

6. Grade 8

Grade 8 learners should focus on career activities, which includes the completion of the Career Research Activity. This will enable them to recognise their own strengths, talents, limitations and abilities in particular, subjects. See Annexure A for more ideas.

7. Grade 9

Grade 9 learners should be requested to participate in a career guidance exercise, which includes the completion of the Career Research Activity in the brochure. The research activity is part of the process to prepare Grade 9 learners to choose the correct subjects for Grade 10.

The Career Research Activity was designed by the PACE Career Centre to accelerate the career maturity of learners. Results obtained from the career self-exploration exercise in previous years indicated a significant increase in the career maturity levels of participants. Completing this activity will enhance learners’ understanding of their subject choices and possible career pathway. See Annexure A for more ideas.

8. For further information about the Career Awareness Week, please contact Mr I Teladia, Senior Curriculum Planner: Life Orientation GET, at e-mail address Ismail.Teladia@westerncape.gov.za or telephone number 021 467 2199.
9. Principals are requested to bring the content of this minute to the attention of all relevant personnel.

DATE: 2017:09:22

Annexure A: Ideas for Grades 7 - 9 Career Awareness Week, 9 to 13 October 2017  (size: 29 KB)