1. Please be informed that entries for the 2017 competition are open.

2. The topic for 2017 is: "Harnessing Sustainable Energy for Regional Economic Development." The topic, derived from the 36th Ordinary South African Development Community (SADC) Summit of Heads of State and Government, is: "Resource Mobilisation for Investment in Sustainable Energy Infrastructure for Inclusive SADC Industrialisation for the Prosperity of the Region". Discuss how this would result in sustainable economic development.

3. The following set of points is meant to guide entrants in discussing the main topic above. Entrants should address all the points listed below:

  1. Discuss the economic benefits which SADC member states accrue in respect to investments in sustainable energy resources. (20 marks)
  2. Discuss at length the types of sustainable energy technologies that are upholding the "going green" global initiative. (15 marks)
  3. As a secondary school learner, identify key critical skills which are required to advance sustainable energy projects in the SADC region. (20 marks)
  4. Discuss and give examples of sustainable energy projects within the SADC region which are geared towards regional integration and energy supply security. (15 marks)
  5. Discuss the negative impact of energy sources on our environment and what measures the SADC is putting in place to mitigate these impacts. (15 marks)
  6. Discuss the role that should be played by non-state actors, private sectors, non-governmental organisations, traditional authorities and local communities in the supply and distribution of sustainable energy for economic and social development. (15 marks)
4. Kindly note:

  • The essay should not be longer than 1500 words and not shorter than 1000 words. If typed use Arial 12 (1.5 spacing) and mark the page numbers.
  • Essays must be submitted in English.
  • The front cover should include the learner's name, contact details (cell phone number and email address), name of school and province.
  • This competition is open to secondary school learners only.
5. All secondary school nationals of SADC member states are welcome to participate in the competition.

6. The three selected essays from each province will be forwarded to the Department of Basic Education by 05 May 2017. The SADC Secretariat has allocated a sum of US $1000 as prize money for the national winners of the competition in each member state. The prize money will be divided as follows:

  • US $500 for the first prize
  • US $300 for the second prize
  • US $200 for the third prize

Each candidate will receive the equivalent of the prize money in rands. The three national winning essays will be forwarded to the SADC Secretariat for consideration in the regional competition.

7. Entries may be forwarded to the following officials on or before 07 April 2017:

8. We would like to encourage all schools to take the opportunity to participate in this exciting competition.

9. Kindly bring the contents of this minute to the attention of the teachers concerned.

DATE: 2017:01:27