1. The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) is aware that many learners at schools offering technical subjects in the Further Education and Training band have chosen subjects for Grade 10 in 2016 which is not compliant with Circular S6 of 2016. This circular clearly articulates the subject selection requirements for the technical stream.
2. This situation occurred due to the late provision of the implementation requirements of Technical CAPS. While Government Gazette No. 39435 which refers to the approved subjects in the technical stream was published on 20 November 2015, Circular S15 of 2015 dated 14 December 2015 and entitled "Promulgation of Amendment to Policy and Regulations Pertaining to the National Curriculum Statement Grades R-12" was sent to provinces after schools had closed.
3. By the time Circular S15 reached schools in the Western Cape, they had already completed their planning for 2016.
4. The WCED raised the matter with the Department of Basic Education (DBE) requesting a concession to be made for this cohort of learners (mentioned in paragraph 1) to be allowed to continue with their chosen package of subjects until Grade 12 and be resulted.


1. The WCED hereby grants permission to schools in the technical stream, which have not complied with Circular S6 of 2016, to continue with their chosen package of subjects in Grade 11 in 2017 and Grade 12 in 2018.
2. Learners enrolling for the technical subject stream in Grade 10 in 2017 must comply with the requirements set out in Circular S6 of 2016.

DATE: 2017:01:11

Government Gazette No. 39435  (size: 4 550 KB)