1. The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) endeavours to provide learners with high quality support in the education of career choices so that learners develop an enhanced ability to make informed decisions about their future careers and have access to gainful employment.
2. In pursuit of this goal the WCED procured the Careers Matter Supplement as a resource to assist Life Orientation teachers in their role as facilitators in the process of career development through formal education for Grades 1012.
3. The supplement provides information on decision-making, self-knowledge, diversity of careers, technical and vocational skills, jobs for artisans, key economic sectors, entrepreneurship, scarce skills, financing studies, bursaries, institutions of higher learning and trends in career development. These are all sub-topics under the topic, Careers and Career Choices, in the Life Orientation Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS), Grades 1012.
4. Every school will receive 50 copies of Careers Matter which will be couriered to schools. Teachers are requested to use the supplements to discuss the content thereof with Grade 12 learners so that learners can make informed choices about their future careers.
5. In addition, schools will receive copies of the Grade 12 revision booklet for identified subjects to support the "last push" towards achieving excellence in the province. This booklet contains useful support material that must be used for revision purposes.
6. Principals are requested to bring the content of this minute to the attention of all subject teachers.

DATE: 2017:08:17