1. The Department of Basic Education (DBE) has issued Circular S4 of 2017 regarding the use of oral marks for both school-based assessments (SBAs) and examinations for Grades 10 to 12.

2. The assessment dispensation for the languages curriculum [including South African Sign Language (SASL) as stipulated in the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS)], provides for SBAs, examinations and orals as three components that constitute the learnerís final mark at the end of the academic year.

3. The DBE and Umalusi recently noticed that the oral mark is used as part of the SBA component as well as part of the examinations component, thus leading to the use of the same mark twice in different components at all language levels, including SASL.

4. In order to correct this, the DBE, in consultation with all provincial language coordinators, agreed to the immediate implementation of the following:
4.1 Annual assessment tasks, as stipulated in CAPS, will be left unchanged.
4.2 Marks obtained for all oral tasks will not form part of the final SBA mark, but will be used for the oral examination component (Paper 3 for Second Additional Language and Paper 4 for Home Language and First Additional Language).
4.3 The oral mark will still be used for term reporting, but will only accrue to the oral examinations component as cited in 4.2 above.

5. Circular S4 of the DBE stipulates that the corrections in point 4 above should be implemented with immediate effect in the Further Education and Training (FET) phase, Grades 10 to 12.

6. In line with point 4, the following will apply:
6.1 The electronic FET Languages Record Sheets of the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) have been adapted to accommodate the corrections as set out in points 4.2 and 4.3.
6.2 The adapted WCED FET Languages Record Sheets have also been uploaded to the WCED Curriculum Development website at http://tinyurl.com/m9a3lo6.
6.3 Schools that do not use the WCEDís electronic record sheets or the South African School Administration Management System (SA-SAMS) should adjust their record sheets in accordance with points 4.2 and 4.3.
6.4 Schools that make use of SA-SAMS should note that the system has been amended to reflect the changes stipulated in DBE Circular S4.

7. Please bring the contents of this minute to the attention of all stakeholders involved in the teaching of languages, including SASL.

DATE: 2017:05:31