1. The Department of Basic Education (DBE) has developed examination guidelines in an effort to assist teachers and learners in their preparation for the 2017 NSC examinations.

2. The 2017 NSC Examination Guidelines have no major implications for teaching and learning and do not affect the content, as prescribed in the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS).

3. The 2017 NSC Examination Guidelines correct policy errors that were identified in the 2014 Examination Guidelines, provide information regarding the final NSC examinations and must be used in conjunction with the CAPS for each subject.

4. The 2017 NSC Examination Guidelines are available in all subjects except for Electrical Technology and Civil Technology, where these guidelines are not necessary.

5. The guidelines are available on the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) Further Education and Training (FET) assessment website, http://www.wcedcurriculum.westerncape.gov.za/, and can be accessed as follows:

  • Point to "Assessment Management" and click on "FET Assessment".
  • Click on "Downloads" on the left.
  • Click on the "2017 NSC Examination Guidelines" folder.
6. Principals are kindly requested to bring this information to the attention of all Grade 12 teachers and learners.

DATE: 2017:03:12