1. Introduction
1.1 Practical assessment tasks (PAT) have been set in selected subjects by the Department of Basic Education (DBE).
1.2 The PAT are assessed internally at schools and then moderated externally within the province.

2. Subjects that include a PAT:
2.1 Agricultural Management Practice, Agricultural Technology
2.2 Dance Studies, Design, Dramatic Arts, Music, Visual Arts
2.3 Computer Applications Technology, Information Technology
2.4 Consumer studies, Hospitality Studies, Tourism
2.5 Civil Technology, Electrical Technology, Engineering Graphic and Design, Mechanical Technology.

3. Assessment of the PAT
3.1 Accompanying this minute is a compact disk (CD) containing the 2017 practical assessment tasks and the guidelines for the practical assessment tasks.
3.2 The accompanying PAT guidelines must be provided to the relevant subject teachers so that they may use these documents to budget and plan for the implementation of these assessments during the first three terms of 2017.
3.3 Support from the relevant subject curriculum advisers and senior curriculum planners will be provided during the course of the year. Schools must, therefore, ensure that the relevant teachers attend the district meetings dealing with assessment and moderation of the PAT.

4. Principals and education district officials are requested to bring the contents of this minute to the attention of staff, parents and learners.

DATE: 2017:02:10