1. You are hereby informed that the online registration for re-marking, re-checking and viewing of answer scripts is available on www.eservices.gov.za. Candidates without a valid South African ID document must submit application forms manually to Head Office in Cape Town. The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) website (http://wcedonline.westerncape.gov.za) can be visited for more details.

2. Re-marking of answer scripts
2.1 Applications for re-marking of answer scripts, together with the prescribed fee of R98,00 per subject should reach the WCED on or before the closing date for applications. No application for the re-marking of answer scripts will be considered unless the prescribed amount accompanies the application within the stipulated period.
2.2 The closing date for applications to re-mark the November 2017 answer scripts is 19 January 2018.
2.3 Each candidate will be notified of the result of his or her re-mark before 31 March 2018.

3. Re-checking of answer scripts
3.1 Candidates are allowed to apply for their answer scripts to be checked to ensure that all answers had been marked and that the marks had been added and processed correctly.
3.2 An application to have answer scripts re-checked must be made within 14 days of the release of the results. The fee is R23,00 per subject and is non-refundable.
3.3 Applicants will be notified by letter about the results of the re-checking of scripts. Where applicable, an amended Advice of Results will be issued.

4. Viewing of answer scripts
4.1 If not satisfied with the outcome of a re-mark, candidates may apply for the viewing of their answer scripts at a fee of R192,00 per subject. The fee is non-refundable.
4.2 A written request, providing clear reason(s) for the request, must be submitted to the Head of Education within 14 days after the official release of the re-mark results. No application will be considered after that date.
4.3 A candidate and/or his or her parent(s) or guardian will be allowed to view the answer script(s) concerned and may lodge a complaint within a period of seven days if still dissatisfied with his/her results. The WCED will then take a final decision on the results.

5. Refunding of re-marking fee
5.1 Re-marking fees paid for any subject will be refunded if, as a result of the re-marking, the candidate:

  1. passes a subject or subjects, which he or she initially failed; or

  2. is awarded marks that improve the result in a subject by at least one level.
5.2 Refunds of re-marking fees will be made once the re-marking process has been completed for all subjects.
5.3 It is, therefore, essential that the receipt issued for the payment of the re-marking fee be kept in a safe place.
5.4 Where a refund is necessary, an original BAS form must be completed by the candidate. This form may be downloaded from the WCED website and may be posted and hand delivered to the WCED for processing.

6. Applications
6.1 Candidates with a valid South African ID document:

Application for re-marking or re-checking must be made using the online registration service on www.eservices.gov.za.

6.2 Candidates without a valid South African ID document:

Application must be handed in at the WCED Head Office in Cape Town (Client Services Division, Second floor, Grand Central Towers) for the attention of Mr Mark Cameron.

If posted the following address must be used:

Head: Education
Attention: Mr Mark Cameron
Western Cape Education Department
Private Bag X9114

6.3 Re-marking, re-checking and viewing fees can be paid directly into the WCED’s bank account (see details on the application form on the top right-hand side of the form).

7. Enquiries

Forms may be downloaded from the WCED website or requested at the following contact numbers:

(021) 467 2952: N Kanase
(021) 467 2459: K Darvel
(021) 467 2591: C Theunissen

WCED website: http://wcedonline.westerncape.gov.za

DATE: 2018:01:02