1. The quality assurance, proper management and effective administration of examinations are essential at all levels and all institutions to ensure the integrity and credibility of examination results. This includes unannounced visits to examination centres as well as principals/centre managers accepting accountability for all examinations conducted at their schools.

2. Monitoring of the National Senior Certificate (NSC), Adult Education and Training (AET) Level 4 and Senior Certificate (SC) examinations
2.1 Representatives from the following four bodies will monitor the examination processes at examination centres:

  1. The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) — circuit managers as well as officials from the Directorates: Institutional Management and Governance Planning, Quality Assurance and the Chief Directorate: Assessment and Examinations will check whether examination processes are conducted effectively
  2. The Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education and Training (Umalusi)
  3. The Department of Basic Education (DBE)
  4. The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET)
2.2 Monitors from Umalusi, DBE and DHET have been specifically appointed for this purpose and will not necessarily be accompanied by WCED officials when visiting examination centres.
2.3 Circuit managers will not necessarily be monitoring in their own circuits only.
2.4 All monitors from the WCED, Umalusi, DBE and DHET will be in possession of identification documents and letters of appointment as monitors and will check all examination procedures, for example the removal of question papers from the safe/strongroom, the safekeeping and storage of examination papers in the safe/strongroom, the actual writing of examinations in the examination venues and the invigilation process.
2.5 The monitors have been asked to report to the office of the head of the institution when they arrive and again when they leave. Heads of institutions are requested to sign the monitoring instrument and to ensure that the monitor signs the Register for Monitors.
2.6 The monitoring instrument (Annexure A) is to be used by WCED officials for monitoring the writing of examinations.

3. Risk management for the NSC, AET Level 4 and SC examinations
3.1 While it is not expected that the writing of any of the examinations will be disrupted, it is essential that a comprehensive risk management plan be developed by each institution in order to deal with any disruption that might affect the management and conduct of these examinations.
3.2 In the event of an evacuation, the circuit manager or district director must be notified of the incident immediately. The circuit manager or another designated official from the district office will endeavour to visit the school immediately in order to verify the procedures followed by the school. The designated official from the district office must monitor the situation closely from the time that he or she arrives at the school.
3.3 Failure to carry out the evacuation according to the set procedures will compromise the credibility of the examination and may result in alternative arrangements being made, such as the re-scheduling of the examination at a later date.
3.4 Principals/centre managers must inform candidates of the institution’s contingency plan for evacuation (Annexure B) and of the serious consequences if such an evacuation is not carried out in terms of policy.
3.5 In the unlikely event of a national or provincial examination having to be rewritten, the WCED will inform all principals/centre managers immediately after the decision has been made.
3.6 Principals/centre managers may use the accompanying checklist (Annexure C) as a guideline to assist them in identifying potential risks to the effective conduct of the examinations and to develop their risk management plan accordingly.

4. Should there be any doubt about the identity of the person who reports for monitoring the examination, any disruption in the examinations process or the opening of an incorrect question paper, the principal/centre manager must immediately report it to one of the following WCED officials:

Chief Education Specialist, Mr J Parbhoo at 021 467 2572
Director: Assessment Management, Mr HJ Swart at 021 467 2057
Director: Examination Administration, Mr AP Clausen at 021 467 2945
Chief Director, Ms T Singh at 021 467 2541

5. The WCED wishes principals/centre manages well with the management of the coming examinations.

DATE: 2017:10:10

Annexure A: Monitoring instrument 2017  (size: 87 KB)
Annexure B: Contingency plan to deal with emergencies  (size: 52 KB)
Annexure C: Risk Management Checklist  (size: 57 KB)