1. The Common Assessment Task (CAT) for Life Orientation (LO) was written on 08 September 2017 as per Assessment Management Minute 0011/2017.

2. Learners who could not write the CAT for LO on 08 September due to a valid reason, will be allowed to write the supplementary CAT for LO that is scheduled for 10 October 2017 from 09:00 to 11:00.

3. "Valid reasons" in this context include the following:

  1. illness, supported by a valid medical certificate, issued by a registered medical practitioner;
  2. humanitarian reasons, which includes the death of an immediate family member, supported by a copy of the death certificate;
  3. the learner appearing in a court hearing, which must be supported by written evidence;
  4. any other reason as may be accepted as valid by the Head of the assessment body or his or her representative.
4. The documentary evidence pertaining to any of the above valid reasons must be kept on file at the school and be made available to Head Office or the district on request.

5. Annexure A, attached to this Assessment Management Minute, must be completed and emailed to Gail.Laguma@westerncape.gov.za by 29 September 2017.

6. Principals are kindly requested to make the necessary arrangements for the conduct of this assessment and must ensure that their school complies with all conditions and rules relating to the National Senior Certificate (NSC) examinations.

7. District offices will provide marking guidelines for the supplementary CAT for LO to schools. The district offices will also ensure that the marking of the supplementary paper is moderated internally at school as well as externally by the district office.

8. Learners who have not written the CAT for LO or the supplementary CAT for LO in 2017 will receive an incomplete result for Life Orientation. These learners will have to repeat the subject, including the SBA and the CAT for LO.

9. Kindly bring this information to the attention of all Grade 12 Life Orientation teachers and learners.

DATE: 2017:09:27

Annexure A: Common Assessment Task (CAT) for Life Orientation (LO) absentees  (size: 53 KB)