1. The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) would like to thank all principals and invigilators for the excellent manner in which the 2016 Senior Certificate, Adult Education and Training (AET) Level 4 and National Senior Certificate (NSC) examinations were generally conducted.

2. There were, however, a few irregularities associated with the administration and management of the examinations in the examination venues where the examination results of candidates were declared null and void.

3. The most common irregularities were:
3.1 candidates caught with a cell phone during the writing of an examination;
3.2 candidates leaving the examination venue with his/her answer script or annexure;
3.3 candidates entering the examination venue with unauthorised material (usually in a plastic sleeve) or on an electronic device; and
3.4 candidates caught copying during an examination.

4. It is important that the principal/centre manager addresses his/her candidates during the course of the year on the regulations pertaining to the writing of the external examinations, thereby emphasising the consequences of engaging in irregular behaviour during the examinations.

5. Irregularities involving officials included:
5.1 principals/centre managers not receiving and storing consignments correctly and with the necessary care;
5.2 principals/centre managers not following the correct procedure when removing question papers from the strong room, resulting in an incorrect session box being opened;
5.3 the incorrect question paper handed out to candidates;
5.4 procedures regarding the safe keeping of the strong room key flouted.

6. Guidelines to curb irregularities and possible sanctions regarding irregularities mentioned in this minute are provided in Annexure A.

7. Principals and centre managers of institutions that prepare candidates for the writing of the NSC examinations are requested to heed the guidelines in Annexure A and to inform all Grade 12 learners about the contents of this minute.

DATE: 2017:08:24

Annexures A: Guidelines to curb irregularities and applicable sanctions for irregularities  (size: 63 KB)