1. The Department of Basic Education (DBE) wishes to draw your attention to the procedures that must be adhered to during the conduct of the final practical examinations for Design and Visual Arts.

2. The 2017 final practical examination question papers for Design and Visual Arts (Design Paper 2 and Visual Arts Paper 2) will consist of the following two sections:

  • Section A: Source Book or Workbook; and
  • Section B: The Artwork or Product
3. Schools and art centres must please ensure that all candidates offering Design and/or Visual Arts have the question paper by 28 July 2017 so as to allow them to find the information on Section A of the question paper. Candidates must sign a register upon receipt of the question paper.

4. During Term 3, candidates must complete sufficient research and collate all appropriate material for Section A of the examination question paper. Section A may be administered either during teaching time or after hours.

5. Section A of the practical examination must be completed prior to the start of Section B of the practical examination.

6. Section B must be completed by 20 October 2017.

7. Section B of the practical examination must be completed at the examination venue during the normal teaching time and not after hours or on weekends. It is suggested that block sessions of four to six hours be arranged over a number of days until all candidates have completed their artwork or product, or the allocated 24 hours have expired. Internal arrangements must be made at each school or centre to accommodate the technical activities that the specific art discipline, e.g. ceramics, may require.

8. Strict supervision must be exercised by the Design and/or Visual Arts teacher and an invigilator during the conduct of the examination.

9. Candidates may not be left on their own while working on Section B, neither are they allowed to take incomplete artwork or product home. All incomplete artworks or practical projects must be kept at school until the next timetabled session.

10. All schools or centres offering Design and/or Visual Arts are requested to submit their timetables for the conduct of Section B by email to the Senior Education Specialist for Design and Visual Arts before 11 August 2017 at: Ellene.Louw@westerncape.gov.za. The Senior Education Specialist must consolidate the timetables.

11. The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) and the DBE will monitor the conduct of these practical examinations. The schedule for the monitoring of these practical examinations, based on the timetables submitted by the schools and centres, will be drawn up and sent to the DBE.

12. The WCED will schedule dates for marking and moderation to ensure that all practical work is marked and moderated by 17 November 2017.

13. Any queries about the conduct of the final practical examinations for Design and Visual Arts can be directed by email to Ms Ellené Louw at: Ellene.Louw@westerncape.gov.za.

14. Your co-operation in this matter will be greatly appreciated.

DATE: 2017:07:24