1. This minute serves to inform all teachers, principals and school governing bodies (SGBs) about the Western Cape Education Department (WCED)ís guidelines for school enrichment. The rationale for including school enrichment in a schoolís programme of activities is explained in Annexure A.
2. The WCED requires each school to include at least four school enrichment activities as part of its programme. This must include at least two sports activities. IMG managers and school enrichment co-ordinators will monitor schools compliance with this requirement.
3. Principals of schools are required to manage the inclusion of school enrichment and sport programmes in collaboration with the SGB.
4. Members of the representative council of learners may be co-opted to assist in the management of the enrichment programmes.
5. For further information, you may contact your IMG manager, circuit team manager or school enrichment co-ordinator at your district office.
6. Kindly bring the contents of this minute to the attention of all staff and SGB members.

DATE: 2012:02:08

Annexure A: Guidelines for School Enrichment  (size: 61 KB)