1. The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) values the commitment of public service employees to broadening their knowledge of education and developing their skills.

2. For this reason, the WCED assists employees financially to further their studies and invites public service employees who wish to undertake part-time studies in 2013 to apply for bursaries.

3. Bursaries will be granted to applicants only if they

  • are WCED employees appointed in terms of the Public Service Act (103/1994);
  • are permanently employed by the WCED;
  • meet the admission requirements of the educational institution concerned;
  • are committed to undertaking part-time studies during 2013;
  • are not in receipt of a state bursary or any other bursary; and
  • are South African citizens.
4. All applications will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • The appropriateness of the intended field of study in relation to the WCEDís current and future strategic needs
  • The relevant directorateís need for specific or scarce skills
  • Employment equity (race, gender, disabilities)
  • Relevance to the specific job description
  • Developmental relevance
  • Other qualifications
  • Salary levels
  • Post-graduate versus undergraduate
  • The supervisorís recommendation, which must be attached to the application
  • Availability of funds
  • The requirements of the Employment Equity Act, 1998 (Act 55 of 1998), the Skills Development Act, 1998 (Act 97 of 1998) and other relevant legislation
5. We draw the attention of prospective bursary applicants to the following study fields, in which there is a scarcity of qualified staff and/or a constant departmental need:

No. Qualification type Study field
1. Degree / Diploma Industrial psychology
2. Degree / Diploma Supply chain management or procurement management
3. Degree / Diploma Financial management, financial management systems, accounting, auditing
4. Degree / Diploma Office management and technology, information management systems
5. Degree / Diploma Quantity surveying

6. Each bursary application must consist of the following documents:

  • A completed Application for Study Bursary form (Copy attached)
  • A written estimate of study costs (registration, tuition and other study-related expenses) for the 2013 academic year. This information is obtainable from tertiary institutions.
  • The supervisorís recommendation on the completed Annexure A form (Copy attached)
7. Applications must be submitted to the following address by Wednesday 31, October 2012:

  Head: Education
For attention: Mr AM Shasha / Mrs NP Funani
Directorate: Human Resource Management
Western Cape Education Department
Private Bag X9114
Cape Town

8. Applications may also be placed in the post box marked "Public Service Bursaries" in the Head Office Client Services Section, 2nd Floor (above Post Office), Grand Central Towers, Lower Parliament Street, Cape Town.

9. No late, incomplete, faxed or illegible applications will be considered.

10. The Bursary Committee will consider all applications, and then make recommendations for the awarding of bursaries. Bursary allocations will not exceed, but will not necessarily cover, the full registration and tuition fees. The number of applications received and the funds available will determine the number of bursaries awarded.

11. Senior Management of the WCED will give final approval of the number of bursaries to be awarded.

12. Each successful applicant will be expected to enter into a formal agreement with the WCED to render a year of service for each year the bursary is awarded and to comply with other stipulations outlined in the agreement.

13. Correspondence will be limited to successful applicants only. If you are not contacted within 5 weeks after the closing date, you must assume that your application was unsuccessful.

14. Please do not hesitate to contact the person named in the letterhead of this minute should you require any further information about the bursary scheme.

15. Kindly ensure that all public service staff members in your component are aware of the contents of this minute.

DATE: 2012:09:27

Public Service Act (Act 103 of 1994)  (size: 183 KB)
Employment Equity Act (Act 55 of 1998)  (size: 1 407 KB)
Skills Development Act (Act 97 of 1998)  (size: 282 KB)

Application for study bursary  (size: 87 KB)
Annexure A: Supervisor's recommendation for a bursary for part-time study  (size: 24 KB)