1. Section 6B of the Employment of Educators Act (EEA), 1998 (Act 76 of 1998) provides for the conversion of the temporary appointments of educators to permanent appointments.

2. A temporary educator is an educator who is currently appointed to an approved substantive vacant Post Level 1 post in a temporary capacity for a closed period. This definition does not apply to educators appointed to vacant substantive promotion posts in an acting capacity, or to substitutes appointed in the place of permanently employed educators who are absent from duty, for whatever reason. Please also refer to paragraph 10 hereunder.

Educators, who have already had the opportunity of an extensive career in education, e.g. those who have retired, retired early, been discharged because of illhealth or taken a severance package of whatever nature, are excluded from the measures contained in this minute.

Posts which were advertised in previous vacancy lists for permanent filling, with effect from 1 January 2012, are also excluded from the measures contained in this minute. However, where the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) has formally decided not to fill a post as advertised in Vacancy List 1/2012, such a post may also be considered for permanent filling in terms of the measures contained in this minute. In addition, where posts were advertised in Vacancy List 1 and 2 of 2012, the school governing body may either follow the selection process or fill the post by means of a conversion.

3. The conversion of the temporary appointment to a permanent appointment is at the discretion of the head of a provincial education department.

4. In this regard it is very important to note that the WCED subscribes to the principle of open competition when it comes to the permanent filling of posts on its establishment and the establishments of public institutions in the Western Cape. To this end, posts are regularly advertised in the national newspapers (in the case of office-based posts) and vacancy lists (in the case of office-based posts and posts at educational institutions).

5. In consultation with the educator unions represented on the Provincial Education Labour Relations Council, the WCED adopts the following criteria for the conversion of the appointment status of temporary educators to permanent in terms of Section 6B of the EEA, 1998 with effect from 1 July 2012:
5.1 The permanent appointment must be made to a vacant substantive Post Level 1 post and the post must be reflected in the new educator staff establishment of the school for 2012.
5.2 The educator concerned must be temporarily in the current employ of the WCED, with his or her date of appointment being on or before 1 July 2011.
5.3 The educator must

  • be professionally qualified for the education profession;
  • meet the inherent requirements of the post in which his or her conversion of appointment will be made; and
  • be registered with SACE.
5.4 The permanent appointment must be recommended by the school governing body. Where the school governing body does not support the conversion, it must submit reasons as to why that conversion is not supported.

6. The due date for the submission of applications is 20 June 2012.

7. As this is an extraordinary arrangement for those educators who already occupy vacant substantive posts, employment equity directives will not apply to these appointments.

8. Temporary educators who wish to apply for the conversion of their temporary employment to permanent employment in terms of Section 6B of the EEA, 1998, must submit a completed DPE 1 form (Application for Appointment Form) and a letter of motivation, via the school governing body, to the WCED. Applications must be posted to the following address:

Recruitment and Selection Centre
Western Cape Education Department
Private Bag X 9183
Cape Town

or hand-delivered or sent by courier to

WCED Client Services
2nd floor
Grand Central Towers
Lower Parliament Street
Cape Town

and placed in the post box marked "Recruitment and Selection Centre".

9. Kindly note that this offer to convert temporary appointments to permanent appointments is a once-only opportunity and that applications received after the due date will not be considered.

10. Serving substitute educators may also be considered for permanent appointment, in terms of the measures set out in this minute, when they are appointed to vacant substantive posts.

11. Principals are requested to ensure that this minute is brought to the attention of their school governing bodies and all educators on their staffs, especially those appointed in a temporary and/or substitute capacity.

12. This minute is applicable to ordinary and special public schools.

DATE: 2012:06:05

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