1. Chapter 7, Section 33 of the Employment of Educators Act, 1998 (Act 76 of 1998); Sections 30 and 31 the Public Service Act, 1994, as amended; and Chapter 2, of the Public Service Regulations, 2001 inform all employees of their obligation to apply for permission from the Head of Department if they wish to perform remunerative work outside the public service.
2. The Western Cape Government's Transversal Human Resource Management Policy regulates the performance of remunerative work by WCED employees outside the public service. This policy has been amended, and the revised policy was implemented as from 1 September 2012. The policy is accessible on www.westerncape.gov.za website.
3. Employees who have already been granted approval to perform remunerative work outside the public service, as well as those who intend to begin performing remunerative work outside the public service, must submit their applications to perform such work for the period 1 April 2013 to 31 March 2014. Applications must be sent to the following address by 1 February 2013:

  Head: Education
(For attention: Director: Human Resource Management)
Western Cape Education Department
Private Bag X9114
Cape Town
4. Failure to obtain such permission might result in punitive consequences for the employee concerned.
5. The application form that must be completed in order to apply for permission is attached.
6. Kindly bring the content of this minute to the attention of all staff under your supervision.

DATE: 2012:12:05

Employment of Educators Act, 1998  (size: 71 KB)
Public Service Act, 1994  (size: 183 KB)
Application to perform remunerated work outside the public service (RWOPS)  (size: 41 KB)