1. Following Human Resource Management Minute 0009/2011 of 8 December 2011 in respect of the four performance management systems relating to senior management services, educators and public service staff, we attach the annual calendars for the SPMDS, PMDS and IQMS process for 2013.

2. These calendars provide a guide to the required procedures and the relevant due dates.

3. Performance management is a system which links organizational strategies and goals to sub-unit goals and then to individual jobs, and is aimed at giving direction to and enhancing individual performance, thereby increasing organization and institution effectiveness.

4. Continual performance management assists in

  • establishing a culture of performance excellence;
  • improving awareness and understanding of expectations;
  • improving communication;
  • encouraging fair and objective assessment;
  • providing opportunities for development needs;
  • proactively managing unsatisfactory performance;
  • guiding and supporting employees;
  • and providing a basis for future decisions.
5. It is the responsibility of both the line manager (supervisor) and the employee to ensure that a performance agreement exists, if it is a prerequisite of the applicable performance instrument. It is imperative that all line managers and employees ensure that performance evaluations are conducted regularly. All employees, whether appointed permanently or on contract, are subject to a performance evaluation, and the determining of each performance rating must be based on evidence.

6. Failure by line managers or employees to submit the required documentation could result in an employee not being granted a pay progression or a performance bonus (in the case of public servants). If the line manager or the employee is found to be negligent in this regard, there could be punitive consequences for the person concerned.

7. It is the responsibility of all line managers and employees to ensure that reviews and final evaluations are conducted as stipulated in the applicable performance management instrument. It is imperative that the due dates for the submission of the required documentation are adhered to. Failure to meet these due dates will result in the pay progression or performance bonus (in the case of public servants) not being awarded to the employee(s) concerned.

8. Kindly bring the content of this minute to the attention of all staff under your supervision.

DATE: 2012:12:04

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