1. The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) will issue 4 Vacancy Lists in 2013 for institution-based educators.
2. The publication dates of the Vacancy Lists, as well as other important dates, are contained in the attached annexure.
3. The WCED will not have separate Vacancy Lists for posts at different levels. All vacant institution-based educator posts must therefore be advertised in the Vacancy Lists at the earliest opportunity.
4. Allowance will be made for the advertising of Deputy Principal and Principal posts on demand and under special circumstances. These posts will be advertised in Special Vacancy Lists when the need arises.
5. Principals and governing bodies are kindly requested to ensure that advertisements are filled in electronically on the draft Vacancy List on the WCED website at http://wced.school.za, by the given due date. No written forms in hard copy will be accepted. Principals must consult with their circuit team managers if they experience problems with completing advertisements on the draft Vacancy List on the website.
6. Applications must be submitted in the manner explained in the foreword to each Vacancy List. Applications must be submitted on line, via the e-Recruitment System for Educators: "Recruiting the Best".
7. These Vacancy Lists will be circulated by the WCED’s Registry, and can be viewed on the WCED Website at http://wced.school.za, Click on "Vacancies" on the website's home page to access the e-Recruitment System for Educators.
8. The co-operation of all concerned will ensure the successful management of the appointment process and will be much appreciated.

DATE: 2012:12:03

2013 Vacancy List Dates  (size: 18 KB)