1. The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) currently has a number of excess public service staff and office-based educators in the system.
2. This can be ascribed to, amongst others, the new norms and standards for public service staff.
3. The Department has issued the attached certificates (HDM2) for completion by line managers. A certificate must be submitted with every nomination for a post in the WCED (permanent, contract and substitute) as from 1 December 2012.
4. Nominations will not be considered for approval without the accompanying certificate.
5. Please note that no nominated applicant may take up a post without the prior approval of the Head: Education.
6. This process is only applicable to office-based educators and public service staff, and not school-based educators.
7. The assistance of all line managers in this regard will be appreciated.

DATE: 2012:11:20

Excess staff certification all office-based educators and public service staff  (size: 70 KB)