1. In 2012, the School Improvement Plan (SIP) (Collective Agreement 8 of 2003) and Annual School Report (Education Laws Amendment Act of 2007) were both simplified and combined into one tool on the CEMIS. The online SIP was prepopulated with basic data sets.
2. The online SIP has been streamlined further and will have the following focus areas for 2013:
2.1 School profile
Staff: WCED and SGB; contract and part-time; in excess
Social support: Quintile, nutrition programme, learner transport
Staff numbers: Past trends and projections
Learner numbers: Past and projections
WCED Grades 3, 6 and 9 test scores for language and mathematics (2009[given] to 2015 [projection])
ANA scores for Grades 1 to 6 (2011 and projections) / Grade 12 NSC results (projections)
2.2 General indicators
Average number of days absent per learner; average number of days absent per teacher
Numbers of learners repeating a year
Number of meetings with parents to discuss learner academic performance
List of policies identified for priority attention
2.3 Resources
Textbooks ordered, received, issued, used and retrieved
Workbooks received, issued, used
Number of learners who do not have either desks or table/chair for the classroom
Maintenance expenses
Facilities classrooms, library, hall, specialist rooms, toilets
2.4 Academic performance improvement
Numbers passing in language and mathematics and overall in Grades 1 to 9 and in all subjects offered, and overall in Grades 10 to 12
For 2013 the following steps will apply:
2.4.1 All schools should complete the online SIP by 15 February 2013 as per the WCED Calendar. This will be signed off by the relevant IMG manager by the end of February. Schools should note that the plans need to be signed off by the SGB.
2.4.2 Schools should also complete their SIP action plans electronically, using one of the following options, by 15 February and send these to their IMG manager:

  1. Make use of the QA 8 as used previously OR
  2. Use the attached template OR
  3. Adapt either of the documents in (a) or (b) above to ensure that the key areas of importance to your school receive the necessary focus.
2.4.3 Complete the School Self Evaluation in the normal way with the addition of the following foregrounded sections:

  1. Enrolment planning
  2. Plans for teacher recruitment and development
  3. Plans to reduce absenteeism
2.4.4 The performance information for 2012 should be inserted into the online SIP. This will again provide the information needed for the School Annual Report. Thus no separate report is needed for 2012.

3. We look forward to strengthening both the target setting and the action plans that must underpin these. We also look forward to receiving your SIPs and to seeing improvement in every school in the next three years.

DATE: 2012:10:05

School improvement action plan  (size: 31 KB)