1. The Directorate: Internal Human Capital Development has experienced numerous problems in the past regarding withdrawal at short notice from training interventions without the provision of a suitable replacement and attendees neglecting to submit prescribed assignments.
2. Various training providers and institutions responsible for facilitating and co-ordinating training and development for the Western Cape Education Department have raised serious concerns regarding the frequent withdrawal from or non-attendance of such interventions.
3. Furthermore, the non-attendance often leads to fruitless and wasteful expenditure that has to be dealt with in terms of the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA).
4. Managers, supervisors and other persons supporting the nomination of individuals to attend courses must ensure that the workload and other commitments of that individual will allow the nominee to attend and participate fully in the training interventions for the full duration, including the completion and prompt submission of required Portfolio of Evidence (POE) or assignment.
5. Should circumstances beyond his or her control force the nominee to withdraw, the nominee must inform the Directorate: Internal Human Capital Development or the training co-ordinator at least fourteen (14) days before the training intervention or arrange for a suitable replacement; or submit a medical certificate.
6. To prevent further losses, all nominees for training interventions and their supervisors will henceforth be required to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to regulate attendance and submission of assignments, and the repayment of costs should the nominee default.
7. Attached is a template of a MOU and a Nomination Form which must be completed and recorded for all training and development interventions.
8. The MOU and Nomination Form must be submitted to the following address:

       Head: Education
       Western Cape Education Department
       For Attention: Mr AM Shasha (Rm 8-77)
       Directorate: Internal Human Capital Development
       Grand Central Building
       Lower Parliament Street
       CAPE TOWN

9. No incomplete MOU or Nomination Form will be considered.
10. Please do not hesitate to contact Alfred Shasha at 021 467 2550 should you wish to discuss any aspects of this minute.
11. Kindly ensure that all personnel members in your component are aware of the contents of this minute.

DATE: 2008:10:15

Template of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)  (size: 50 KB)
Template of a Nomination Form  (size: 21 KB)