1. The Directorate: Quality Assurance would like to thank principals and staff development teams (SDTs) for their prompt response to our request that the Integrated Quality Management System (IQMS) baseline scores of educators who were implementing the performance measurement system for the first time in 2006 be submitted.
2. In order for each school to determine the extent to which it has satisfied the prescripts of Collective Agreement 8 of 2003, concerning the implementation of the IQMS by all institution-based educators, the national Department of Education has developed a checklist, a copy of which is attached. This questionnaire/audit will serve the following purposes:
  • Enable schools to do a self-evaluation of the level of their progress with respect to the IQMS

  • Provide the Directorate: Quality Assurance with information about the implementation of IQMS in the Western Cape when used to conduct an on-site audit during the third quarter at certain sampled schools. Sampled schools will be informed in writing of their selection.

3. Once the self-evaluation has been completed, principals and SDTs will be in a position to take the necessary corrective action to ensure compliance with the collective agreement and the management plan.
4. If you are experiencing any problems regarding the implementation of the IQMS or understanding the expectations of the current management plan, as set out in our calendar for 2006, please feel free to contact our office immediately.
5. Thank you for your co-operation.

DATE: 2006:07:17

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