1. Collective Agreement 8 of 2003 concerns the implementation of the Integrated Quality Management System (IQMS) by all institution-based educators.
2. Educators who started implementing the system in 2006 (newly qualified educators, first-time appointments, educators out of the system during 2005, as well as temporary and contract educators) should by now have completed their baseline evaluations, as per the IQMS calendar sent to each educator.
3. The baseline evaluations of such educators should be submitted to the IQMS co-ordinators (details in the calendar) by the principals of all institutions where this situation applies. The attached template should be used for this purpose. Please note that this is the same template as the one used for the baseline evaluations of 2005, except that the date has been changed to 2006. The baseline evaluation must only be conducted for those educators who have not yet been evaluated in accordance with Collective Agreement 8 of 2003. These educators will, along with all the other educators, also undergo a summative evaluation later this year.
4. After the IQMS co-ordinator in the EMDC has updated his/her records with respect to the baseline evaluations, the information will be forwarded to the Directorate: Quality Assurance.
5. All educators are currently in the developmental phase of the cycle. Principals and SDTs are reminded to arrange for the training needs of educators to be addressed at the various levels as required: the educator, the school, the support staff of the district and the Training Committee of the district.
6. Thank you for your co-operation.

DATE: 2006:06:09

Baseline template  (size: 33 KB)