1. The successful introduction of the Integrated Quality Management System (IQMS) in the Western Cape is due largely to the good co-operation received from principals, district staff and educators.
2. The IQMS should not be viewed as an add-on to what are the normal functions of a school. It is a vehicle for the co-ordination of all quality improvement processes in the institution, and should be used to promote this.

The conducting of the summative evaluations is now in full swing. This communiqué serves to inform you of the time frames for the last phase of this IQMS cycle:








Summative evaluations

Continuing professional development and support

Moderation of scores at institution level

Submission of documents to IQMS co-ordinator:

Summary composite score sheet

Composite educator score sheet

School improvement plan

16 August - 15 November 2005


16 - 25 November 2005

30 November 2005

30 November 2005

30 November 2005

30 November 2005

The principal of each institution under the jurisdiction of the WCED is responsible for ensuring that the summative scores of all educators at that institution who are paid by the WCED are submitted to the IQMS co-ordinator by the dates indicated above.
4. The attached template “Summary Composite Score Sheet” (Annexures A & B) must be used to record the scores of all WCED-paid educators per institution. Explanatory notes for the completion of the templates are attached at Annexure C.
5. Please remind all institution-based educators that salary progression in July 2006 will be based on the summative evaluation scores submitted in 2005. Any delays will hamper the implementation of salary progression.
6. Where educators refuse to comply with the requirements of Collective Agreement 8 of 2003  ("pdf" format, size: 971 KB) (concerning performance appraisal) the regulations regarding disciplinary action will come into effect.
7. Should you have any questions concerning the summative evaluation procedure, please refer to the Management Plan and to Paragraph E11 in the training manual. IQMS co-ordinators may also be contacted should you require guidance.
8. Your co-operation will be much appreciated.

DATE: 2005:10:07

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