1. Implementation of the IQMS is currently in its first annual cycle and most of the baseline evaluations have been concluded. At this point we are in the Developmental Phase.
2. The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) is continuously offering in-service education and training and other related developmental programmes throughout the province. The training and skills development interventions for educators are largely reliant on the submission of a school improvement plan (SIP) to the circuit manager.
3. It is imperative that all outstanding SIPs and baseline scores are submitted immediately, and circuit managers and principals are urged to prioritise this process. A delay in the process will affect the specialised developmental and support strategies to be provided for the schools concerned. It must also be emphasised that not all support and developmental strategies are the responsibility of the EMDC. At a school, the staff development team (SDT) should, where the expertise and skills are available, also take responsibility for the support and development of educators.
4. SDTs are also advised to complete the broad planning of the summative evaluation to be concluded early in the 4th quarter. Summative evaluations should not interfere with the conducting of the Senior Certificate Examinations and common tasks for assessment at schools, and thorough planning should be done in this regard. Educators responsible for Grades 9 and 12 should be evaluated by means of lesson observations before their learners commence with their final examinations. IQMS co-ordinators in the EMDCs can be approached for assistance in this regard.
5. Principals are once again reminded that, according to the requirements of Resolution 8 of 2003 (IQMS), they are required to teach. The WCED has been consulting with the national Department of Education (DoE) in this regard as numerous queries regarding principals having to teach have been received. The matter is receiving attention at a national level.
6. It is important that all school-based educators employed by the WCED adhere to the above-mentioned resolution that governs the IQMS. Failure to implement and adhere to the management plan, as adopted by the Provincial Training Team, will result in serious disciplinary procedures. Circuit managers are responsible for monitoring the implementation of the IQMS within their circuits, and they must report irregularities to the director of the EMDC.
7. With reference to pay progression on 1 July 2005, we are waiting for an official instruction from the DoE, with whom the matter is being deliberated.
8. We would, once again, like to thank those schools that have completed their baseline evaluations and submitted their SIPs according to the management plan for the IQMS. They are commended on their commitment to using the powerful tools of the IQMS for the purpose of improving their teaching and learning.
9. Kindly bring the contents of this document to the attention of all concerned.

DATE: 2005:08:01

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