1. During the recent negotiations on salary improvements for the 2004/2005 financial year, a deadlock arose between the Government, as employer, and organised labour at conciliation. A deadlock certificate, allowing organised labour the right to embark on protected industrial action, was issued and all indications are that the latter will embark on industrial action.
2. In order to prepare for possible industrial action, managers/heads of institutions must put processes in place to ensure the continuous functioning of their directorates and institutions. Where managers/heads of institutions intend participating in the industrial action themselves, it is the duty of the relevant supervisors/circuit managers to ensure that these processes are in place.
3. It is also the duty of every manager/head of institution to
3.1 keep an accurate record of the situation at the directorate/institution
3.2 organise the personnel/learners in such a manner that there is effective control
3.3 The keeping of the register is
3.4 take responsibility for the management of the directorate/institution.
4. In view of the aforementioned, your attention is drawn to the Strike Action Section in the WCED Guide on Industrial Action, which needs to be strictly enforced, in particular the record-keeping of any employees participating in the industrial action. Attached are copies of the relevant annexures which must be completed.
5. The required information, as per the WCED’s Strike Action Plan and the attached Annexure B, must reach the Directorate: Labour Relations, for attention Mr C Esau, via the relevant directorate or EMDC, by no later than 15:00 on each day of the industrial action, even if there is a nil return.
6. Enquiries in this regard may be directed to the following:
CR Esau  - 021 467 2857
R Jansen - 021 467 2863
A Jacobs - 021 467 2416
R Ahmed - 021 467 2372
K Petersen - 021 467 2865
7. The WCED recognises the right of employees to fair labour practices as provided for in the constitution and other relevant legislation. Furthermore, the WCED intends applying the principle of “no work no pay” in terms of Section 67(3) of the LRA to any employees participating in the industrial action.
8. Your co-operation and assistance will be appreciated.

DATE: 2004:08:26

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