1. The Department of Basic Education (DBE) issued Circular S13 of 2015 regarding the incremental implementation of FET literature from 2016 to 2018.

2. After due consultation, the DBE has decided that Grade 11 should be implemented in 2016, Grade 12 in 2017 and Grade 10 in 2018.

3. The DBE has not prescribed new Grade 12 literature setworks for any official language at Home, First and Second Additional Language levels for the National Senior Certificate examinations in November/December 2016 and February/March 2017. The status quo remains for this period. Schools are required to study their respective prescribed texts as stipulated in:

  • DBE Circular S8 of 2007 - Official Second Additional Languages;
  • DBE Circular S4 of 2008 - Official Home and First Additional Languages;
  • DBE Circular S2 of 2009 - African Languages (First Additional Languages); and
  • DBE Circular S15 of 2014 - African Home Languages (Folklore).
4. As stipulated in the DBE Circular S13 of 2013 the status quo remains for the prescribed Grade 12 poems for all official Home Languages, First Additional Languages as well as short stories for official First Additional Languages and Second Additional Languages in schools for the National Senior Certificate until November/December 2016 and February/March 2017.

5. The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) will assist with the procurement of prescribed literature books for Grade 12 for introduction in 2017. Schools will be provided an opportunity to order these books in April 2016.

6. The WCED is not able to assist with the procurement of Grade 11 prescribed literature books for use next year. Schools are encouraged to use their Norms and Standards funding for the books if possible, otherwise existing books should be utilised in Grade 11 next year. Kindly refer to the attached national catalogue (Addendum A) if your school intends purchasing new Grade 11 prescribed literature books for 2016.

7. Schools must adhere to the following CAPS requirements if ordering literature books:

for Home Language: one Novel, one Poetry anthology and one Drama. For African languages, the novel can be substituted with Folklore

for First Additional Language: any two of the genres: Novel, Poetry, Drama and Short stories

for Second Additional Language: any one of the genres: Novel, Poetry, Drama and Short stories.

8. Schools (section 21 and non-section 21) that have sufficient available Norms and Standards funds and wish to order FET literature books from the national catalogue must complete the attached ordering template in respect of the required number of FET literature books. Indicate the number of books that will be required per selected genre.

The template contains built-in formulas to calculate the total estimated costs, including the delivery costs.

The completed ordering template must be emailed to the following email address: AlexandraMaria.Henriques@westerncape.gov.za by 09 September 2015.

9. You are kindly requested to bring this circular to the attention of all schools and teachers involved.

DATE: 2015:09:03

Order template - Grades 11 Literature Catalogue 2015-16  (size: 363 KB)
DBE - Grades 10 - 12 FET Literature Catalogue 2015  (size: 426 KB)