1. The Provincial Minister responsible for Education in the Western Cape, acting in terms of section 63(1)(cC) of the Western Cape Provincial School Education Act, 1997 (Act 12 of 1997), read with the National Curriculum Statement, 2011, (Government Gazette No. 34600 of 2011), has made the Regulations relating to the Minimum Teaching Hours per School Week and School Day in Public Schools in the Western Cape.

2. The regulations are attached.

3. The purpose of these regulations is to provide

  • the minimum teaching hours per subject per phase;
  • the general principles which should be applied when calculating the minimum school hours per week and per school day;
  • individual support plans; and
  • scaffolded implementation dates.
4. Principals are requested to bring the contents of this circular to the attention of all members of staff.

DATE: 2012:12:04

Western Cape Provincial School Education Act  (size: 61 KB)
Goverment Gazette No 34600 of 2011  (size: 115 KB)
Goverment Gazette No 7065 of 2012  (size: 98 KB)