1. Your attention is drawn to the above-mentioned Regulations document which was sent to all public schools (except public no-fee schools) under cover of Circular: 0058/2006 of 9 November 2006.
2. In terms of Regulation 6(11) of the above Regulations, a governing body of a public school (except a public no-fee school) must, at or before the end of the first school term each year, submit to the Head: Education a provisional table indicating
2.1 the number of applications for exemption of parents from the payment of school fees considered;
2.2 the number of total exemptions granted;
2.3 the number of partial exemptions granted; and
2.4 the number of applications not granted.
3. A final table must be submitted on or before 30 November of each year.
4. It will therefore be appreciated if governing bodies could fill in the required information on the attached provisional table and post it to the following address before 30 March 2007:
Head: Education
For Attention: Mr A Davids
Grand Central Towers - Room 614
Western Cape Education Department
Private Bag X9114
5. Kindly bring the content of this circular to the attention of all governing body members.

DATE: 2007:03:22

Provisional Table  (size: 4 KB)
Final Table  (size: 4 KB)