1. Section 24 (2) of Government Gazette No. 28156 (published on 21 October 2005) http://www.info.gov.za/gazette/notices/2005/28156.pdf determines that a learner who does not comply with the full requirements of internal assessment, and does not submit a valid reason for non-compliance, will not be resulted in that subject.
2. Furthermore, in terms of the above-mentioned Government Gazette (section 23 (6)), full-time and part-time learners who offer a practical subject must also include a practical assessment as part of the internal assessment mark.
3. For Computer Studies this practical assessment is in the form of a project. For Computer Studies HG and SG the project amounts to 60 and 50 marks respectively.
4. Candidates who offer Computer Studies as part of their Senior Certificate in 2007 must submit their projects on or before 30 July 2007 to their Computer Studies teacher.
5. Candidates who submit their projects after said due date will be penalised by 2 marks per day (deducted from the total mark awarded for the project), effective from 31 July 2007.
6. Heads of all institutions preparing candidates who offer Computer Studies for the Senior Certificate examinations in 2007 are herewith instructed to communicate in writing the content of this circular to all parents of candidates who offer Computer Studies. Such communication to parents must include a section (reply slip or suchlike) on which parents must acknowledge receipt.
7. The above-mentioned acknowledgements of receipt must be filed as evidence of notification of the content of this circular.
8. Please feel free to contact Mr I Francis at 021 467 2549 or e-mail address: ifrancis@pgwc.gov.za for clarification if required.

DATE: 2007:02:20

Government Gazette No. 28156: Regulations for the Conduct, Administration and Management of Assessment for the Senior Certificate  (size: 724 KB)
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