1. A number of study bursaries from the Vic Bridges Foundation Trust Fund are available to learners in Grade 12 who intend furthering their studies at a university, college or technikon during the year 2008. Bursaries of R500,00 per annum are awarded for a period of three years.
2. Applications on the attached form must reach this office by no later than Friday 30 November 2007
3. The trustees will consider applications and five bursaries will be awarded on merit and taking need into account. Payment of a bursary is subject to the submission of certified proof of the candidate's (a) registration as a full-time student in the relevant year and (b) his or her examination results of the previous year.
4. Should a bursary holder discontinue his or her studies, the trustees must be notified in writing. They will then be entitled, at their discretion, to recover the amounts paid to the bursary holder.
5. If, in the opinion of the trustees, the progress or conduct of a bursary holder is unsatisfactory, they reserve the right to cancel the bursary.
6. Please bring the contents of this circular to the attention of all concerned.
7. Further enquiries regarding the content of this circular may be directed to Mr A Davids at telephone 021 467 2257.

DATE: 2007:11:20

Application for Vic Bridges Foundation Study Bursary  (size: 11 KB)