1. Owing to the erroneous opening of English First Language Higher Grade Paper 2 at a school and the subsequent leaking of the paper's contents by candidates, it is necessary to rewrite this examination, using a substitute paper.
2. The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) hereby announces its decision that all the candidates must rewrite the English First Language Higher Grade Paper 2 on 23 November 2007 at 09:00 at the venues where candidates sat for the initial paper.
3. Principals and centre managers are kindly requested to inform all candidates who wrote English First Language Higher Grade Paper 2 on 11 October 2007 about this decision.
4. It is precisely for such an eventuality that all schools were informed in Circular 0044/2007, dated 30 August 2007, that all candidates must be available until the last day of the school term in case it is necessary to reschedule a particular examination. That circular was included with the final Senior Certificate examinations timetable for October-November 2007.
5. Schools must make the necessary arrangements for the rewriting and invigilation of this examination.
6. Substitute question papers for the examination will be distributed to schools in due course.
7. This action is regrettable, but is essential to ensure the integrity of the examination, to the benefit of all candidates.
8. The WCED sincerely regrets any inconvenience that this arrangement may cause candidates and their families.
9. Principals and centre managers are requested to complete the attached acknowledgement of receipt of this circular and fax or e-mail it to Mr TJ Magwaca at fax no 021 467 2620 or e-mail address tmagwaca@pgwc.gov.za by no later than 5 November 2007.

DATE: 2007:10:31

The document, referred to in this Circular, was sent to schools.