1. With reference to Circular 30/2007 your attention is hereby kindly invited to the fact that registration with the South African Council for Educators (SACE) is also required for appointment as an educator.
2. Thus the following forms are required to approve nominations to temporary and substitute teaching posts:
  • Completed nomination form (A3)
  • Completed application form (A2)
  • Completed Z56 form (in the case of a first appointment) for depositing of salary into a bank account
  • Certified copies of formal qualification certificates
  • Certified copy of identity document
  • Certified copy of SACE Certificate
3. Each appointment, for any period, is an appointment in its own right and requires a separate and complete set of appointment documents.
4. Incomplete nominations will not be processed and will result in the late payment of salaries, for which the WCED cannot accept responsibility.
5. Please regard the above-mentioned Circular 30/2007 as amended.

DATE: 2007:10:03

Nomination form (A3)  (size: 12 KB)
Application form (A2)  (size: 11 KB)
Z56 form  (size: 7 KB)