1. Grade 9 promotions for 2007 will be based on the requirements stipulated in the GET Assessment Policy in Government Gazette No. 29626.
2. The WCED will again use the Grade 9 data-capturing CDs to capture Grade 9 promotion results for the national data bank. Because the WCED Grade 9 Excel CD replaces the computerised sheets ("lotto sheets"), it is compulsory for all schools to submit their 2007 Grade 9 data in this Excel format.
3. One of your teachers who attended the Grade 9 CD training during the 3rd term of 2007 received and signed for the CD on behalf of the school. This CD will be the only official WCED Grade 9 data capturing instrument.
4. Any queries regarding installation or use of the CD can be directed to your EMDC assessment co-ordinator. Alternatively, contact Mr L van Gensen or Mr L van Harte at the WCED Head Office. (See Annexure A for contact details.)
5.1 A step-by-step instruction sheet
5.2 The names of all Grade 9 learners in the school, based on the CEMIS registration data (Each school will need its examination centre number, CEMIS number and password to access the learner information.)
5.3 Recording sheets for all the formal assessment tasks for each learning area for the year (The recording sheets include the CTA Section A and Section B that will, according to Gazette 29626, comprise the formal assessment task for Term 4.)
5.4 Information from the recording sheets will go automatically to the schedule. Results for all four terms will be captured on one schedule. The official school stamp must appear on each page of the schedule. There is space available on the last page of the schedule for the verifying signatures of the persons concerned.
5.5 The Excel program will calculate each learner's results and teachers are requested not to adjust the sheets as they are programmed to determine the results of each learner. It is, therefore, not advisable to use the CD on a network as this may create errors.
5.6 The program is written in such a way that the information from the schedule will register automatically on a report for each learner on the CD. Schools may opt to use this report card or continue to use their own school report forms, as long as the minimum information, as stipulated in the GET Assessment in Government Gazette 29626, is included.
6.1 Should a learner be absent for legitimate reasons (and with convincing proof) during any of the assessment opportunities, all available results obtained through continuous assessment (CASS) and the CTAs (Section A and Section B) must be considered for promotion purposes. Such arrangements must be recorded in the Remarks column of the promotion schedule. This should be done only in exceptional circumstances.
6.2 A learner who has been absent without reasons that are proven to be valid will be marked absent (A) and the program will not award a mark for the task(s). Once again, this should be done only in exceptional circumstances.
6.3 Three printed copies of approved schedules will be signed by the circuit manager or a designated official during the end-of-year visit. It is suggested that schools print hard copies in A3 format.
6.4 A printed copy of the approved and signed schedule must be safely stored by the school as a permanent record.
6.5 Two printed copies of the final approved schedule must be handed to the circuit manager.
6.6 A CD containing the final approved and signed schedules must also be submitted to the circuit manager. This will be used for the electronic capturing of the results for the national Department of Education. Principals should ensure that CDs are clearly marked with all the contact details of the school.
6.7 This data will be downloaded directly into a data-capturing program at the WCED Head Office. Unfortunately, it will not be possible for schools to submit data in any other format that may be used for their administrative programs.
7. All data must be signed and submitted to circuit managers between 30 November and 4 December 2007.
8. In order for the WCED to keep on improving the system, feedback is valued. Schools are kindly requested to complete the attached evaluation sheet (Annexure B) and either e-mail or fax it to HelÚne van Zyl by 30 November 2007.
9. Further information is available on the assessment website at

DATE: 2007:09:21

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National Policy on Assessment and Qualifications for schools in the General Education and Training Band (GET)
(Government Gazette No 29626)
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