1. The 1997 national Language-in-education Policy (attached) is one of additive bilingualism and the promotion of multilingualism. The Norms and Standards regarding Language Policy, attached to, and which must be read together with, the Language-in-Education Policy, contain a number of stipulations about the rights and duties of individuals, schools and the state.

2. In 2007 the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) will commence with its Language Transformation Plan (attached), which sets some provincial targets and complements the national Language-in-Education Policy of 1997 and all other relevant legislation, including the National Curriculum Statement (NCS).

3. Because matters of language are particularly sensitive and cannot be rushed, the WCED has arranged orientation sessions for schools in the first quarter, at which the plan will be discussed.
3.1 An invitation is herewith extended to each school - primary, high and combined.
3.2 We request that this critical meeting be prioritised.
3.3 We would like schools to send 3 representatives: the school principal, the chairperson of the school governing body and a teacher.

4. The EMDCs will inform schools of the details of venues, times and circuits.

4.1.1 EMDC Southern Cape Karoo meeting dates:
5th February (Knysna), 6th February (George) and 7th February (Mossel Bay).
Other regions later in the year.
4.1.2 EMDC Breede River Overberg meeting dates:
6th February (Ceres), 7th February (Worcester) and 8th February (Caledon)
4.1.3 EMDC West Coast Winelands meeting dates:
13th February (EMDC Hall), 14th (Moorreesburg) and 15th (Vredendal) February
4.1.4 EMDC East meeting dates:
26th February (Helderberg), 27th February (Khayelitsha) and 28th February (Kuils River)
4.1.5 EMDC South meeting date:
5th March (3 venues)
4.1.6 EMDC Central meeting date:
6th March (3 venues)
4.1.7 EMDC North meeting date:
10th March (3 venues)

4.2 The Saturday meetings will be in the morning. The other meetings will be in the afternoon or evening. Meetings will be about 4 hours in duration.

4.3 To help with catering arrangements, please inform your EMDC of numbers attending.

4.4 EMDC contact persons:
North:  Ms J Caroto
South: Ms N Tolashe
Central: Mr G Davids
East: Ms H Letsika
Breede River & Overberg: Mr T van der Ross
South Cape & Karoo: Ms N Guga
West Coast & Winelands: Mr A Arendse
4.5 Travel claims can be met, but not accommodation claims. Parties should please share transport.

5. The orientation sessions will be supported by members of the Project for Alternative Education in South Africa, based at the University of Cape Town, who, under the leadership of Dr Neville Alexander, are international leaders in this sphere.

6. Note that it is fully understood that any changes to school language practices would have to be implemented incrementally and that this is a sensitive process which is dependent on a huge number of factors, notably parental wishes, staffing and resources. It is, however, the intention of the WCED to set down the desired targets at this stage and then to help schools achieve these over time.

7. Please bring this circular to the attention of all concerned.

DATE: 2007:01:26

Language in Education Policy  (size: 13 KB)
WCED Language Transformation Plan  (size: 122 KB)