1. The recent closure of an unregistered private education institution has resulted in students suffering financial and other losses.
2. In order to avoid falling prey to fly-by-night operations, learners who intend pursuing post-school studies at private education and training institutions should ensure that such institutions are registered with the Department of Education.
3. Attached is a list of registered and provisionally registered private higher education Institutions operating in the Western Cape as at 28 August 2007.
4. As private institutions are continually being registered, provisionally registered or de-registered, learners and parents requiring the latest information should be encouraged to consult the register of private higher education institutions on the Department of Education's web-site at the following web address: http://www.education.gov.za
Click on DoE Branches,
then Higher Education, 
then Private Higher Education Institutions,
then Register of Private Higher Education Institutions
and then on Open.
5. Private Further Education and Training Institutions are in the process of being registered and a list of such registered institutions will be forwarded to schools as soon as it becomes available. Learners intending to enrol at such institutions before the registration process is completed, should exercise extreme caution when doing so.
6. Please bring the contents of this circular to the attention of learners and parents, as well as teachers offering career guidance.

DATE: 2007:09:11

List of institutions  (size: 6 KB)