1. Introduction
1.1 Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET) Level 4 is the first qualification on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) and provides adult learners and youth over the age of 15 years with access to the General Education and Training Certificate (GETC).
1.2 The ABET GETC provides formal recognition of the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes needed for further and higher learning.
2. The ABET Level 4 examination
2.1 All community learning centres (CLCs) are obliged to register their learners for the ABET Level 4 June and/or October examinations if they are providing ABET Level 4 classes. No CLC is allowed to set internal ABET Level 4 exit examinations in place of the national examinations.
2.2 Exceptions can be made only in cases where the learning area studied by the learner is not examined by the WCED or where the WCED, in collaboration with other examining bodies, is involved in development work that will be beneficial in the long term to the development of public examinations. In such cases, the CLC is obliged to obtain written permission from the Head of the Department.
3. Access to ABET Level 4
3.1 Learners may gain access to ABET Level 4 through completing the requirements of ABET Level 3 (Literacy, Numeracy and one learning pathway) or through placement at ABET Level 4 using the placement tools developed at national level. The placement tool must form part of the learner portfolio and be submitted during moderation.
4. Progression to Further Education and Training
4.1 In order for an adult learner who is participating in the ABET programmes to qualify for enrolment in Grade 10 or NQF 2 at an FET College, the learner must be in possession of a ABET GETC stating that the learner has completed a minimum of 120 credits at NQF 1.
5. Support
5.1 The ABET curriculum advisers in the EMDCs are available to provide advice to CLCs.
5.2 If necessary, the ABET curriculum adviser will call on the relevant curriculum specialist or the Senior Curriculum Planner: ABET Curriculum for additional support.

DATE: 2007:09:05