1.1 Enclosed is a copy of the final timetable for the 2007 Senior Certificate Examination beginning on 8 October and ending on 22 November 2007.
1.2 The Department has made every effort to create a well-balanced timetable that suits all candidates. Where possible, changes have been made to the provisional timetable in accordance with the subsequent recommendations made by schools. The national Department of Education has moved the date of the English First and Second Languages HG and SG Paper 2 and 3 from Friday, 12 October 2007, to Thursday, 11 October 2007, to accommodate the possibility of Eid - Mubarak being celebrated on Friday, 12 October 2007.
1.3 There are no timetable clashes for candidates writing WCED examination question papers. However, where candidates are writing papers set by other examining bodies, there are cases where individual candidates might experience clashes. In such cases, the following arrangements must be made:
  • Principals must immediately notify Mr C Louw of the Directorate: Examinations at telephone number 021 467 2917 or fax 021 461 5637, of the name of the examination centre, the name(s) of the candidate(s), the dates and sessions, and the subjects or papers in question.
  • The subject with the greater number of candidates is to be written first, at the time indicated on the timetable.
  • Immediately after the first session, the candidate(s) involved MUST be separated from the other candidates. The candidate(s) must be kept under close supervision and given the opportunity to rest for one hour. The educator whose subject will be written by the candidate(s) concerned may not be involved with the supervision.
  • It is imperative that the candidates do not have access to any telephone facilities (including cellular phones), e-mail facilities, other candidates or subject educators of that subject.
  • After an hour's rest, the candidate(s) will enter the examination venue and prepare to write the second subject.
1.4 Principals and Centre Managers must, please, inform their candidates that the normal Senior Certificate Supplementary Examination of February/March will, in the case of 2008, be written in May/June 2008 instead of February/March 2008. Detailed information in this regard will be communicated to schools and Community Learning Centres by means of a Curriculum Minute as soon as possible.
1.5 Please inform all candidates that they must be available until the last day of the school term, should it, for any reason, be necessary to reschedule the writing of a particular examination paper.


The chief invigilator must ensure that candidates enter the examination venue 30 minutes before the official starting time of the examination session. This time is to be used as follows:

  • The first 20 minutes are to be used to settle the candidates in their correct seats, for distribution of question papers, etc.
  • During the remaining 10 minutes candidates must read through the examination question paper.
  • Please note that no writing or making of notes is allowed at any stage during the 30-minute preparation period. An infringement of this rule would constitute an irregularity. Candidates are expected to finish writing at the time indicated on the examination timetable.

DATE: 2007:08:30

Final Examination Timetable  (size: 32 KB)