1. Introduction

The national papers for the Grade 11 examination will be written for the first time in November 2007. The WCED has indicated in Circular 0025/2007 that subjects that appear in the timetable for the Western Cape must be written by all public schools. Independent schools that choose to write these national examinations must inform the Director: Examination Administration of their intention to write the examinations.

2. Examination guidelines
2.1 The national Department of Education (DoE) has provided examination guidelines for Accounting and Life Sciences for Grade 11 in order to clarify the areas to be covered by the examination set by the DoE.
2.2 This content is provided to assist teachers and learners in their preparation for the final examination in November.

3. Accounting
3.1 A complete list of examination topics for Accounting as received from the DoE appears as Table 1.
3.2 The content areas in Accounting that will not be examined in this year's Grade 11 examination are indicated in Table 2.
3.3 These examination guidelines must be read in conjunction with the Accounting Subject Assessment Guidelines (January 2007).

4. Life Sciences
4.1 The Life Sciences Examination Guideline for Grade 11 which accompanies this circular must be read in conjunction with the Subject Assessment Guideline (January 2007) and the Learning Programme Guideline (January 2007).
4.2 This Examination Guideline provides clarity in terms of scope and depth of the content stipulated in the Learning Programme Guideline.

5. Kindly bring the contents of the circular to the attention of the relevant teachers at your school.

DATE: 2007:08:10

Examination Guidelines for Accounting  (size: 112 KB)
Examination Guidelines for Life Sciences  (size: 184 KB)