1. The moderation of the reports submitted in respect of the Staff Performance Management and Development System (SPMDS) for the 2005/2006 cycle has not yet been completed but will be completed shortly. This circular contains information about the process and about the submission of the documents/reports in respect of the next cycle as indicated above, i.e. 1 April 2006 to 31 March 2007.
2. Performance management in respect of public service staff is, as it is for educators, a continuous process that is handled and should be completed in annual cycles. The process for the cycle 1 April 2006 to 31 March 2007 is exactly the same as for previous cycles (see Circular 12/2007) and only the most important steps are again emphasised for your convenience.
2.1 It is important to note that an employee receives his or her salary for delivering work on a level which is at least completely acceptable/satisfactory. If work performance is on a higher level, the following criteria with regard to the granting of a performance bonus for the 2006/2007 cycle will apply:
2.2 An employee should have completed one year of continuous service on his/her salary level on 31 March of the year being assessed.
2.3 Performance bonuses are granted for work which qualitatively and quantitatively surpasses work which is done in an acceptable/satisfactory way. In other words, only employees who have proved that their work performance contributed to exemplary service delivery would be considered for nomination for a cash bonus.
2.4 Statistically, only 20% of the staff in an organisation are high performers, of which 15% perform on the commendable level (4) and 5% on the outstanding level (5). Line managers must keep this in mind when they do the grading in their components or educational institutions.
2.5 It is important that a motivation be submitted when an assessment of 4 or 5 is granted. The granting or not of a cash bonus is fully dependant on the motivation, because it is the only way in which a distinction really can be made between who should receive a bonus and who not. Appendix I should be used for this purpose and if the space on the form is not sufficient, a separate page or pages may be added.
3. Although the Annexure E form also forms part of the set of assessment documents for each employee and is also performance-based, it has been decided that for the cycle covered by this circular, the Annexure E forms again must be handed in before the other forms in order for the 1% salary progression to be paid to employees as soon as possible after the finalisation of the revised salary scales which will be effective from 1 July. It is only necessary to indicate on the Annexure E form if an employee, according to your opinion, qualifies for the 1% salary progression or not, in other words whether his or her work performance was at least satisfactory. If the work was not satisfactory, reasons must be supplied as to why the 1% salary progression is not recommended. All Annexure E forms in respect of the 2006/2007 cycle must be submitted before or at the latest on 31 August 2007.
4. A complete set of forms (including Annexure E), which can be photocopied according to your needs, is attached for completion. The final date for the submission of these forms/ reports (Annexure E excluded) is 28 September 2007. All the above-mentioned forms must be posted to or handed in at the Directorate: Personnel Management (Public Service), Room 10-11, 10th Floor, Grand Central Towers, Lower Parliament Street, Private Bag X9114, Cape Town 8000.
5. All line managers, heads of educational institutions and supervisors are responsible for the submission of the above-mentioned forms before or on the respective deadlines of 31 August and 28 September 2007. The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) will proceed with the moderation and implementation of the further processes after the deadlines. Employees whose annexures and forms are not handed in by the deadlines will not come into consideration for the salary progression and performance bonus, and in such cases the line manager, head of the educational institution or supervisor will have to explain to the employee(s) why they were not taken into consideration (reason: late or no submission of annexures and forms).
6. The contents of this circular must please be brought to the attention of all public service staff under your control.

DATE: 2007:07:26

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