1. The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) has undertaken extensive research into literacy rates in the province which reveals that our learners are performing below expectations. Concern about the low levels of literacy has led to the launch of a strengthened Literacy and Numeracy Strategy. A key aspect of the strategy is for learners to be encouraged to read, as research shows that a learner who reads for twenty to thirty minutes three times a week at home increases his/her achievements by 10%. It is therefore apparent that a culture of reading needs to be promoted in the province.
2. In order to support this approach, the WCED is introducing compulsory reading lists with effect from January 2007. The learners' reading lists must include both fiction and non-fiction. All learners from Grades 4 to 12 will participate.
3. The Language curriculum advisers will monitor the implementation of this policy, and reading lists must be produced for discussion at all oral moderation sessions.
4. This policy must be implemented by all schools and principals are requested to ensure that all teachers receive a copy of this circular. Further guidance can be obtained from the Language curriculum advisers.
5. Teachers may request learners to use Annexure A and Annexure B for reporting, or they may develop their own forms.
6. Annexure C may be used at the beginning of the year to determine learners' reading interest.
7. Thank you for your co-operation in the implementation of this strategy which is undertaken in the interest of ensuring that learners do attain an adequate level of literacy to succeed in their studies and in life.

DATE: 2007:01:22

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