1. As colleagues are aware, the WCED is committed to ensuring the smooth and efficient opening of schools at the beginning of a new school year. We are also aware that it is at this time that schools (and principals) are most in need of a hands-on approach and assistance from Departmental staff. It is imperative at this time that issues that impact negatively on schools are addressed swiftly.
2. It therefore follows that it is of utmost importance that Departmental staff servicing schools (especially circuit managers, given their key roles and functions) are available to schools at the beginning of each school year.
3. This means that directors and supervisors must act circumspectly when annual/capped leave over the December-January period is considered and/or when a directorate's / EMDC's leave roster for the year is drawn up. Staff servicing schools, especially circuit managers, should, under normal circumstances, not be allowed to utilize annual/capped leave when schools open for the new year. These staff should be available to schools for at least one week before the opening of schools. All annual/capped leave of staff servicing schools must, therefore, end no later than at least one week prior to the opening of schools.
4. Directors are hereby kindly requested to bring the above to the notice of all staff.

DATE: 2007:04:23