1. The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) is undertaking a special project to supply a textbook per Grade 12 learner for each of their seven subjects.
2. This project supports the implementation of the National Curriculum Statement in Grade 12 in 2008. Schools were notified of this project in Curriculum Development Minute 0026/2007.
3. Publishers have been invited to display their textbooks and teacher's guides at book fairs to be held in EMDC districts from 28 May to 7 June 2007. A half-hour presentation per subject on selection principles will be given by curriculum officials. Teachers are urged to take the attached textbook lists to the book fair and to use the opportunity to discuss the selection of books with colleagues. A curriculum development minute will be sent to schools shortly containing details of the venues and times for the book fairs.
4. This circular is accompanied by the national book lists for those Grade 12 subjects for which textbooks are available. A national selection team, consisting of education officials, unions and teachers, has screened the books using a range of criteria, including compliance with NCS. Textbooks must, therefore, be selected from the attached lists (Addendum A). The WCED will not pay for books that are not selected from these lists.
5. Kindly note that the attached DoE lists do not contain textbooks for the following subjects:

Agricultural Management Practices, Agricultural Technology, Design, Visual Art, Official Languages at Second Additional level, Civil Technology, Electrical Technology, Nautical Science, and Maritime Economics. A strategy for supporting these subjects is being considered.

However, schools who are aware of appropriate LTSM in these subjects should contact the Director of Curriculum Development.

6. Non-official languages will be examined by the IEB. LTSM for these subjects will be discussed at a meeting as per Curriculum Development Minute 0046/2007.
7. This project does not make provision for prescribed literature for the languages as the national prescribed book lists will be implemented only from 2009.
8. Attached please find the following:
Addendum A - Catalogue of Grade 12 textbooks approved by the DoE
Addendum B - Criteria used for selecting books for Grade 12 
Addendum C - Requisition form
Addendum D - Textbook retrieval form
9. Schools should make their selection for each subject and submit it on the requisition form (Addendum C). This requisition form requires the school to do the following:
(a) Choose 2 titles in order of preference (1st choice and 2nd choice) for each subject.
(b) Provide the number of learners expected for each subject in 2008.
(c) Provide the number of teacher's guides required for each subject in 2008.
(d) Note that the order for Grade 12 in 2008 should not exceed the Grade 12 enrolment for 2007 by more than 10%, unless written justification is sent to the Director: Curriculum Development and is approved before 15 June 2007.
(e) Nominate one approved book supplier, who will then be contracted by the WCED to effect delivery. An updated list of approved book suppliers was provided in Logistical Services Minute 0027/2006 dated 17 November 2006.
10. The requisition form (Addendum C) and the retrieval plan (Addendum D) must be signed by the principal and chairperson of the governing body and submitted by hand or via the post by noon on 22 June 2007 to the following address:
Education Multicentre
For attention: Mr A Engel
Special Project: Grade 12 Textbooks
Private Bag X14, KUILS RIVER, 7579

Please note that no late orders will be paid for by the WCED.

11. Once the books have been supplied, they must be included in the school's inventory, stamped with the official school stamp and supplied to learners on the first day of school in 2008. Learners must be instructed on how to care for the books and a system must be devised for the retrieval of the books at the end of the year. WCED officials will monitor the implementation of these requirements when they visit schools. The WCED is pleased to provide these textbooks to schools and trusts that they will be used well to improve the quality of education.

DATE: 2007:05:10

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