1. In Circular 0129/2000 of 3 October 2000, concerning the administration of the admission of learners to schools, the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) notified schools that it is essential that schools have records containing basic information on learners which both the school and the WCED will require from time to time.
2. One of these records is the attendance register for learners. However, it has come to the attention of the WCED that some schools still neglect to keep school attendance registers.
3. Principals are once again reminded that the keeping of an attendance register for learners is compulsory. Principals must arrange their school day as such so that a time at the beginning of the school day is fit in to give class educators the opportunity to complete and keep such attendance register. A quarterly summary of the attendance register for learners (Annexure A) must be sent electronically at the end of each term to the Director: Education Research at e-mail address mpohl@pgwc.gov.za, as well as a copy to the school's circuit manager for record purposes. Schools without e-mail facilities must submit hard copies. The register must also be permanently available for inspection by WCED officials. WCED officials will visit schools from time to time to ensure that these registers and other records are properly maintained.
4. As set out in Circular 0097/2002 of 8 August 2002, which dealt with policy on attendance and time-off registers for educators and public servants, it is also compulsory for an attendance register for educators to be kept at each school.
5. Copies of attendance registers for both learners and educators were provided to schools with the request that they duplicate these themselves. However, it has now been arranged that a number of registers are to be printed and made available to EMDCs. Principals may request these from their local EMDC at the end of May 2007.
6. Kindly bring the content of this circular to the attention of all personnel and governing body members.

DATE: 2007:05:07

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