1. This circular re-emphasises the contents of Circular 0047/2006, which dealt with the use of either blue or black ink during the examination. Once more, during the marking of the Senior Certificate scripts of November 2006, it came to the attention of the Curriculum Directorate of the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) that some candidates are still using a pencil to answer questions in the Senior Certificate Examinations, particularly in Mathematics and Accounting.
2. While there is some merit in the argument that using a pencil will enable candidates to erase any mistakes they make during the examination, national Department, WCED and Umalusi policy on the writing of Senior Certificate examinations clearly stipulates that written questions must be answered in blue or black ink only and that questions answered in pencil may not be marked.
3. The Department requests that the use of pencils by candidates writing examinations be limited to sketches, drawings, diagrams, rough work, drawing examinations and Music examinations involving harmony and composition, and where it is indicated in the question paper that a candidate may or must use a pencil. No other answers may be written in pencil.
4. Examiners and markers will be instructed to ignore answers written in pencil where the candidate should have used blue or black ink. Such answers will not be awarded any marks under any circumstances.
5. As this information is vitally important to Senior Certificate candidates, kindly bring the contents of this circular to the attention of all teachers and Grade 10 to 12 learners at your school.

DATE: 2007:04:16