1. As from January 2008, Grade 12 learners will be preparing themselves to qualify for the National Senior Certificate within the framework of the National Curriculum Statement (NCS). The NCS will thus be fully implemented in all grades from 2008.
2. Provision has been made for the purchase of textbooks to support the implementation of the NCS through the norms and standards funding given to schools each year.
3. In addition, there has been special project funding for textbooks and other learning and teaching support material (LTSM) for Languages, Mathematics and Science for some grades in line with the provincial priority for the development of learners in terms of the Human Capital Development Strategy.
4. As from 2008, it is expected that every learner from Grade 1 to Grade 12 will have at least one textbook (not including workbooks) per learning area or subject.
5. This means that schools must utilise their allocated norms and standards funding wisely, prioritising the provision of textbooks.
6. Schools must also have effective LTSM retention measures in place. (Refer to Curriculum Development Minute 0102/2006 on the management of textbooks supplied to schools.)
7. Schools that have not yet reached the point where every learner has a textbook in each learning area or subject should prepare a plan to achieve this and consult with the relevant officials at their EMDC for advice and support.
8. Queries to head office must be directed to the Chief Education Specialist: FET at telephone: 021 467 2630, or e-mail: tcessmit@pgwc.gov.za; or to the Chief Education Specialist: GET at telephone: 021 467 2619, or e-mail: mcameron@pgwc.gov.za.

DATE: 2007:03:26